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Because of the special three-dimensional three-dimensional structure of metal foam , it has many excellent properties different from traditional materials , such as :

1 through-hole high : through-hole rate can reach more than 98 percent of the nearly full- transparent structure, as the filter material, pressure drop, flow rate, permeability can be excellent ;

(2) specific surface area : the through hole at the same rate , the porous material and the other has the largest surface area as compared to up to more than one square meter per gram ;

3 porosity, pore structure uniformity : more than 95% porosity , permeability porous three-dimensional structure , and has a good metal strength , the same size, lighter weight materials , but is also able to accommodate a maximum , and there good sound absorption , energy absorption , electromagnetic shielding performance ;

4 has metallic properties : metal foam may be made from nickel , copper, iron , or an alloy material , the type of metal substrate having different properties, such as fire , non-toxic , non- residue falling , recyclable , thermal conductivity , etc., for a wide range ;

5 can be welded , cut, pressed thin, rolls and other mechanical processing , and metal materials can be recycled , environmentally friendly while saving costs.