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Copper foam

Product Name: copper foam
Product Code : Cu-09
Model: 2
Product details
A pore characteristics and bulk density
Aperture : 0.1mm-10mm (5-120ppi)
Porosity: 50% -98 %
Through porosity : ≥ 98%
Bulk density :0.1-0 .8g/cm3
Second, the main features:
1 ) copper foam has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal heat can be widely used in electrical / electrical and electronic components
2 ) copper foam because of its excellent electrical conductivity , and its application in the electrode material nickel-zinc batteries and electric double layer capacitor is also the industry 's attention is being
3 ) Due to the structure and properties of copper foam harmless to human basic characteristics of copper foam is an excellent medicine and water purification filter material filter material
Third, the application areas:
( A ) an electrode material . Excellent conductive properties of the foam can be widely used in copper -nickel-zinc batteries, electric double layer capacitor electrode skeleton new battery materials , the current bubble has received a number of copper -nickel-zinc battery manufacturer to try and put volume use , while the bubble copper is expected as the electric double layer capacitor electrode current collector obtained promote the application ; addition, foam copper electrolytic recovery of copper waste used as electrode material , but also has a very promising future.
( 2 ) catalyst. In many organic reactions , people try to replace the direct use with copper foam punching copper large specific surface area , as a catalyst for chemical reactions ; copper foam as a photocatalytic air purification carrier, also gained more successful applications.
( 3 ) thermal conductivity material . Copper foam has excellent thermal conductivity, making it a high performance flame retardant materials to be applied in many foreign advanced fire equipment , especially as the flame isolated equipment with excellent results; addition , people use copper foam excellent thermal performance and the apparent permeability, made into electrical, electronics cooling material.
( 4 ) silencer and shielding materials. Copper surface acoustic foam diffusely reflected , and through the expansion silencer , silencers and other porous principle , to achieve silencing effect ; shielding properties of copper and silver close , is an excellent electromagnetic shielding material.
( 5 ) filter material. Excellent structural characteristics and harmless to human basic copper metal foam products as medical filter material, also received a successful application ; while copper foam applications in water purification device also has a good future.
( 6 ) a fluid pressure cushioning material. Copper dispersion and foam cushioning effect of the fluid to pressure protection device as a variety of pressure gauges , with excellent results.

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