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Nickel foam market demand analysis

       Nickel foam is a key raw material used in the nickel series batteries , the market demand depends primarily on the nickel series batteries growth. Thus , driven by global shipments of nickel- Series secondary battery fast-growing , nickel foam industry are also usher in a period of rapid development , its market demand growth of about 10% annually , reaching 18.5 million square feet in 2006 meters.

       Future , HEV and PEV is an important application direction nickel foam , the main source of growth in the market is also nickel foam . HEV is a single square meters with about 6 or so , a single dosage PEV up to 70 square meters. U.S. Department of Energy survey results show , HEV will be the future of clean energy vehicle market mainstream products, estimated in 2020 will account for 50 % of the world total HEV cars. According to Japan's National Institute of Information Technology Analysis , 2010 Global HEV production reached 1.5 million in 2015 to reach 3,000,000 . 2010 , HEV battery will be used mainly nickel-metal hydride batteries (80% ) , applied to 2020 the proportion of other batteries may rise , but the nickel-metal hydride batteries will account for more than 50 %. According to the amount of nickel foam per HEV 6 m estimates, meaning that by 2010, demand is only required for HEV nickel foam will increase by approximately 9,000,000 square meters . Thus we can see , the development of electric cars will bring a substantial increase demand for nickel foam .

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