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Car train acoustic noise metallic foam

    Aluminum foam is mainly used in the automotive industry body cushioning and impact sound deadening insulation envelope and partitions.

    Through-hole metal foam is specially processed high permeability of porous materials, such as from the inside to the outside is a sponge-like porous structure. Sound caused by the surface into the interior of fine pores of the air and vibration of the fiber material by friction and viscous resistance, the sound energy is absorbed and converted into heat.

    High acoustic properties of metallic foams and other sound-absorbing materials have a low frequency domain to compare and choose, depending on the thickness of the air layer, involving a wide range of low-frequency acoustic field will show excellent results.

    Used car train cars acoustic cabinet, only good acoustic performance, compared with traditional polyester material, anti-distortion performance, with good energy absorption properties, high strength, no burning, adds to the safety of transport equipment; Meanwhile metallic material nontoxic, more in line with environmental standards.

    Currently metallic foam abroad have been widely used in automotive and railway carriages insulation materials.

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