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Fluidized plate porous material made ​​of metallic foams

Control fluid distribution , transport, and fluidized bed operation powder materials in industrial processes has been widely used , especially in fluidized bed technology is an important means of chemical processes and mass transfer, heat transfer , mixing and chemical reactions . Wherein the control state of the gas distribution plates need to use breathable materials . Fluidized porous metal foam board is a world leader in the use of new porous metal material is made by cutting with a unique three-dimensional uniform through-hole structure, porosity uniform porosity of 95% , through-hole rate reached more than 98 % can be used in petrochemical, metallurgical machinery , energy, environmental protection , textiles and electric power, aerospace , pharmaceutical and other industries have rectified , powder conveying, bulk gas , dry, soaked , environmental protection and other functions required fields.

Key Features

· Porosity, gas distribution

· Ease of processing , forming good weldability

High mechanical strength, rigidity, easy installation and maintenance portfolio

· High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance , using a wide range of environments

· Mass transfer, heat transfer and fluidization effect, high efficiency, low consumption

· Permeability

Product Applications

· Blast blown pulverized coal and fluidized dense phase conveying systems

· Catalyst support grille

Ion exchange resin regeneration

· Gas and liquid filtration

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